Tuesday, July 6, 2010

h&m bf jackets in size 2

I didn't buy them, but thought I'd share pics of how they fit in case anyone is on the hunt for more petite-friendly, inexpensive bf jacket.

What I like ~
*fits at shoulder
*nips in at waist
*lined inside, and has inside pocket!
*feels, and looks, pretty well made
*since sleeve can be rolled up (also cute to show inner lining), no need to hem

They ranged from $59.99-79.99. Pictured below are all size 2.

This one was a shiny cream material.
Dark grey
LOVE how it's so fitted at the waist and nips in. Much better fit compared to some other jackets I've tried on.
I didn't purchase b/c I would probably only wear once or twice. I adore the bf jacket look, but just not on me. I find it hard to pull off masculine outfits with my face and body type. And it looks "mature", which I hate on myself. Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining or looking for sympathy. I'm okay with not wearing it, and I accept that it looks better on other people. I actually really like to see certain styles on other people and browsing lookbooks and stuff.

I personally find that bf jackets look best on skinny blondes. It just looks too serious and mature on us brunettes :\

This is how I like the bf jacket to be worn:

With feminine, short lil dress inside

With super skinny bottoms and feminine, deep cut tank

LOVE this. The combo of grey + white, and the sleeves rolled up. Just perfect. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the model is drop dead gorgeous and has a perfect body.


  1. oh i really like the bf jackets on u, it fits you well! you should have gotten it. the 1st and 2nd one are my faves.

  2. haha thx ping.. but i also forgot to add that they make me look like a butch lesbian... which is fine for some but I'd rather not :\

  3. wowww the blazers look great!

  4. I can't wear those dam things because my boobs get in the way. They look good on you though, not like a butch lesbo!

  5. geez ur lucky susy. i would like for my boobies to get in the way!

  6. hey hun!
    i really like that first cream blazer. looks really good on you :) it fits so well. i have a grey one and i don't wear it that much because it's not that fitted at the shoulder. :(

  7. Haha, they look good on you though, esp. the dark grey--very professional! hehe

    Butch lesbian?! o_O

  8. I've been looking for a long blazar jacket! The 1st jacket looked really good on you, you should have got one! =) xX

  9. Love the first one and the way you combined it with the silk scarf, very elegant! *off to check my closet for possibly similar items:)*

  10. Yeah I don't think I can pull off the BF jacket either... don't have enough curves lol

  11. the cream one looks really nice on you! i've been wanting a light pink bf blazer forever. it's the hot hot item of this summer :)

  12. I'm really getting into blazers and professional looking jackets now! Thanks for the great ideas, and tips!

  13. Ohh dark grey looks sooo GOOOD on you!

  14. LOVE the first one! But I agree I'd hardly wear it either, its too hot here in AZ. Love your scarf!

  15. I love the idea of the BF blazer but I think it's too overwhelming for us tiny petites :) I think I have tried on all the other ones you showed! You look really nice in them!!

    I love H & M size 2 blazers! Have several that I wear often! They fit in the waist really nicely and shows off our petite curves!

  16. I want a jacket like that, but for some reason everytime I try one...it seems to be super huge on me = (

  17. Thank you April! ^_^ It's one of those "safe" colors, that's still a color, lol.

    Thank you Jesa! It's a thrifted Versace scarf gifted to me by my lovely big sis!

    Really Petite ~ Oh I can SO picture the blazers on you!! You've def got the body to rock 'em!!

  18. ohh Ive been looking for a white or light grey bf jacket but havent found one that fit me yet! btw did you get my package? :D

  19. ooh myy, i super duper love the black one!!!


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