Saturday, July 24, 2010

hidden oasis in san francisco

If you know where to look, you can find areas in SF that are warm almost all year round. China Basin is one of them. Growing up, this area was no man's land. It was mostly undeveloped and full of scary warehouses. We joked that there were dead bodies in 'em. But these days it's trendy in SF to gentrify these type of neighborhoods, and China Basin is in the midst of just such a gentrification process. The neighborhood is now dotted with new, trรจs expensive condo developments and a UCSF campus.

Anyways.. there's a nightclub in China Basin called Kelly's Mission Rock ( that's been around for years (at least since my high school days) that serves brunch Wednesday-Sunday, and that's where we went today. They serve the
BEST brunch in town. You get to sit outside on a dock under the warm sunshine, listen to seagulls, and watch huge cargo ships float by. Plenty of free street parking. And today, while 85% of SF was shrouded in clouds and fog, I was slathering sunblock onto my face and arms so as not to get burnt by the glorious sun. I'm glad it's under the radar on yelp b/c then the masses would turn this restaurant into some ridiculous "wait in line for 2 hours" type of deal. Fudge that. I don't do lines. Anyways, I haven't spent much time in this neighborhood, but it's my new hidden gem. I felt like I was transported somewhere warm and tranquil. Nothing but blue skies, gentle waves, and seagull cries. Seriously the best morning I've had all year.

All pics taken with the bf's new iphone.

crossing the 3rd St bridge

Cool ship portal doors

Fresh fruit, yogurt + granola

BEST French toast in SF (forget about Mama's...)
I really don't like sweets, and normally I can only stomach 1 bite of French toast b/c it's so sugary. But this French toast.. I tell you it blew my mind. I couldn't get enough of it. They saute bananas, caramel and cream to make the sauce...

Blackwood bacon eggs benedict w/pommes Elaine.
The pommes Elaine will blow your mind too... hot, crisp, garlicky potato that will leave you begging for more...

View from our table
View from inside

Facing east bay

big Matson ship

I leave you with one final pic ~

Aston Martin DB9
Holy moley. I parked next to this car earlier in the week when I was grocery shopping. Upon realizing what kind of car it was I went bat shit crazy and made my bf take pics (came out crappy b/c it was nighttime). Growing up, I watched all the James Bond movies b/c my dad is a fan. Ingrained in me are the following~ "vodka martini, shaken, not stirred", cheesy inuendos, Omega watches, and Aston Martins. So in my mind, Aston Martin is the epitome of cool. I'm so not into cars, but I do appreciate luxury sports cars. When we pulled up next to this beauty, I knew immediately that I had to check it out because I didn't recognize the insignia on the back. My first thought was Bentley because of the wings, but the telltale "B" was missing, so my curiosity was piqued. Upon closer inspection, we could make out in small letters "Aston Martin". And what a coincidence to see the exact same car again this morning on the way to brunch. It's a sign or something right? ... that I will one day end up with this car? ^_~


  1. Sophia -- i remember Mission Rock. We had a party bus that went there...hahaha so lame!
    I heard from the coworkers before they served brunch. They said it was good. I was really surprised considering its a shitty night club for the under age. lol.

  2. The French toast looks yummy! I like how the new iPhone picture quality seems to be much better :)

  3. Sophia!♥

    Wooww!! I wish you'd had post about this hidden gem when I still lived up there! haha jk! Oh well, but it looks like I have a new brunch place to check out if I visit the Bay Area again, in particularly, SF! hehe I would visit SF but not Berkeley lol xD You look so relaxed and happy on what was a beautiful Saturday morning today! The food looks delicious!! All that fresh fruit looks absolutely delish! And that French toast...omg don't even get me started! haha ;) I love eggs benedict, too! You sure know how to entice my tummy with pics of all these yummy brunch foods!

    OoOOoo Aston Martin! hehe my bf would point that car out to me whenever he sees it driving on the freeway bc I don't have a clue. lol xD

    ♥ caroline

  4. aww this looks so fun :D the food looks delicious! SF is full of awesome places to play

  5. You know where it's always sunny in San Francisco? POTRERO HILL!! i love that area.. Check out Chez Maman with your boyfriend. Best burgers ever.

  6. Sophia, I think you could be my "restaurant tour guide" to SF! That french toast looks really amazing.. I'm not really sure where China Basin is exactly, but I'm going to hunt it down for lunch if I can :D aw I'm jealous of your bf's new iphone.. the pictures are so high quality for a phone. As for cars.. my bf thinks I'm a spoiled brat because I only have eyes for luxury cars muahaha when I see them I drool all over the place, and sometimes I don't even know what model they are! Btw, I would still love to meet up and grab lunch with you some time when you're free :)

  7. Wow that place is amazing. :)) loved the pictures. Now I know where to go if I'm in San Francisco

  8. ^Susy ~ Chez Maman is going on my list of places to go :)

    ^Karen ~ yes absolutely! Will send you an email :)

  9. Wow the foooood looks so good and the view <3 You lucky girl =) xX

  10. The food looks so yummy ^^ !! and hey you have a new layout =D NICEEEE =D!! xx.

  11. san fran looks sOOooo pretty!! and the french toast? YUM! :)

  12. Sophia-- i go to chez maman all the time! that place is the best and it's cheap...btw i like the new banner!!!

  13. hey i love your new banner, you look so pretty in your pics! omg that food looks sooo good, makes me have a heart attack just looking at it! one of these days you'll have to give me a tour of sf and show me all the cool places people hang out at :P

  14. oh wow the food is so yummy!

    Just letting you know i'm hosting a giveaway at the moment, hope you enter:

  15. the iphone shots looks great! and whoaa.. fooodddd ToT and i think I know how it feels to be able to discover a place that is now close to your heart. I felt that way with Intramuros :3 thank you for sharing your experience and your awesome brunch :3

  16. Oh wow! the food looks great and you look adorable and gorgeous! iphone shots are pretty amazing too! i think i know how it feels to have discovered a place that is now close to your heart

  17. the weather looks SO nice, the water looks calm and the sky is so blue... sigh it's been cloudy and super windy here -_- yumm at the food too

  18. hey you -
    that brunch place looks amazing. the view is so pretty, and the weather!! perfect summer day, haha. and seriouslyyy, all that food is making me so hungry (EVEN THOUGH I ATE NOT LONG AGO).

    have a nice week, sophia! :)

  19. after seeing this post, I am missing San Francisco a million times more than I did before haha love the scenery pictures and the food pics of course :) looks soooo good!!

  20. The food looks so yum! ;D Thanks for sharing! <333

  21. You know so much about the Bay area, you must be out and about a lot!!! :) I love how you snuck in a picture of your boo too! ;)

    It looks like the perfect place for a Sunday brunch - yumyumyum! I am a french toast FREAK and now I am craving!!!


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