Tuesday, April 19, 2011

makeup tip-lipstick as blush

my first wordy post in a long while...

credit for this makeup tip goes to the MUA Wayne Goss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEtHO3i6SLA

I watched this vid today and was soo excited! You see, I have a bag full of unused lipsticks, mostly frosty pinks, which look horrid on the lips. But after watching this vid I realized they wouldn't go to waste b/c they can double as blushes!

Example: NYX Baby Pink

ghastly on lips~
(poor picture quality, sorry. it's similar to Harmonica, good swatch here
http://kechi-kechi.blogspot.com/2010/05/nyx-lipstick-swatcheswmv.html ff to 0:41)

on the cheeks~

A major issue with blushes for me is that they tend to pull red. Even the R&R lilac looking blush is red on me. The only powder form I've found so far that works is La Femme eyeshadow in Rose Petal (effing amazing. La Femme color range is amazing). Blush colors are pretty limited, but lipsticks come in like 50 bajillion colors. I can't wait to hit up my local NYX shop to look for lilac-pink, super cool toned pink and even blue toned pinks to try on my cheeks :)

Pros of lipstick as blush:
*inexpensive (NYX circle l/s are $1.50)
*more colors available
*easy to toss in purse
*wax in the l/s allows it to blend beautifully on foundation
*won't emphasize wrinkles

*can melt in purse on a hot day

Some words on this MUA~
If you scour YT for makeup reviews, tips and tricks the way I do, then I'm sure you're tired of 99% of the MUAs doing sponsored reviews and not really sharing anything useful. I stumbled upon Wayne Goss when I was researching Graftobian (fucking amazing, esp considering the price), and from there I couldn't help but watch all of his videos. He's articulate and to the point. Absolutely NO sponsored videos, just his honest opinion and products he likes and doesn't like.

Speaking of Graftobian, if you live in SoCal and like makeup, go to Frends in Studio City. You will shit your pants at the glorious selection of makeup. They carry Ben Nye, Graftobian, La Femme, Kryolan, RCMA.. these are brands that REAL makeup artists use (I'm talking on the set of Real Housewives, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl.. industry folks who KNOW their shit and make a living doing makeup). My sister and I picked up Graftobian glamour HD foundation and La Femme blushes. Out of this world. Seriously. And all those brands are cruelty free.

p.p.s. still not styling my tresses hence the lion look. People are so right I feel a big difference.. hair is much softer and healthier after 1 week of not applying heat. Downside is going to work looking a lil crazy and unkempt. Can't win 'em all.