Tuesday, November 9, 2010

rose colored glasses

I have a tendency to look at places through rose colored glasses when I travel. When I'm in another place, suddenly, food is prepared better, people are friendlier, clothes are trendier, and home seems so stale. Those glasses never came off during my study abroad in Nagoya. My American classmates teased me and said after a month or so it would wear off.. I'd start to see things for what they really were and things wouldn't seem so wondrous anymore. But nope. Come the end of my stay, I was just as much in love with Nagoya and literally cried at the thought of going back to the States. And I suffered for months afterward. I had those same wondrous feelings in Vancouver. Boston. Seoul.

Anyways. I was thinking about that as I took the photos for this post. I
love Asian beauty products! Often times I find Asian beauty products better than American ones. The packaging is always exquisite. Quality is superb. Oftentimes they're so pretty you can't bear to take them out of the package and even use them!

Take this Dolly Wink lash glue for example. The applicator is freaking genius
! I love the bottle, the twist cap (glue won't dry up), and the brush applicator. Sooo much better than the squeeze tubes!

Such pretty, pretty packaging!! If Ardell ever packaged their lash accessories like this I would totally buy! The Dolly Wink and the Anna Sui hand towel (they have a shop in NYC!!!) were gifts from my super duper amazing sister :D

Wearing pa lashes (I believe they're 06).

Some things I've learned from my lash experiences, in case someone asks:

*I've only ever used
white glue, with no issues. It dries clear on me. And, yes it's probably visible under black light, but I don't frequent places that have black lights ...

*I apply lashes while the glue is wet,
not tacky. If I wait until it's tacky it will be difficult to maneuver the lashes should I place them incorrectly on my eyes.

*I apply glue thinly toward the center, and more thickly at both ends. I have never, ever, had lashes fall off on me.

I know this goes against what most of you have heard regarding glue and lashes etc but as I told my gf today, different strokes for different folks. You really just gotta find what works best for

In other news... I've discovered a new favorite snack! Korean sweet potato chips!! They're not too sweet, super crunchy, and relatively healthy.

I was so scared they would run out of 'em so I asked my sister to buy me more. The cashier had to ring them up one by one hahahaha.


  1. Oooh! How I would pay to get my hands on some DOLLYWINK products! *sniff sniff...
    They're are so expensive though...but I think the lashes look great on you!

    <33 Rena

  2. Hi Rena! Where do you live? I have seen DollyWink online for sale now, and also in some Asian markets in the states! And, thank you!

  3. I still can't do eye makeup (I have freakishly sensitive eyes that freak out whenever anything gets close to them), so I am so impressed when people talk about applying lashes and using mascara (those lashes look GOOD on you). And I am drooling over those snacks...it's right up my alley. :)

  4. Ooh you look "dolly" foreals with the lashes! And is that a black lace tank you're wearing? I've been wanting black lace tops :D

  5. i love dollywink! i also have the lash adhesive but never use it. :P

    OMG those sweet potato chips should be really good for you to hoard like that! hahaha! Enjoy! :)

  6. Pretty pretty Sophia sharing us her experience with lashes. {*YAY!!} I must try your technique of applying it while it is wet. Do you use tweezers? I forgot to ask earlier. =X

    What lashes are you wearing in the photos?

    <3s Serena.

  7. i know what you mean about becoming enamored with a city while traveling! i do the same thing. :)

    and good tips on applying eyelashes! i'll have to try applying them while the glue is wet too.


  8. Thanks for sharing. It's pretty cool product. The chips look delicious. I have never heard of that before but I am sure they are the bomb

  9. I LOVE DOLLY WINK PRODUCTSSSSS <333 !!!! So lucky that its sold in the NYC o_o!!!

  10. you are very good to make up!
    I like this post!
    my name's martina and I come from Italy...if you want follow me!I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss ^^

  11. I never knew that you went to Nagoya! What a lovely place!
    I really want to try that glue, i might buy my self one!!

  12. ohh i agree with you on the dolly lash glue! i don't have that one, but i find that asian lash glue is better than the american brands!!! love those lashes too.

  13. Thx ladies!

    Karen ~ yup a black lace tank from Nord Rack.. only $12 and fits perfect!

    Serena ~ it's these lashes http://www.imomoko.com/product_detail.php?ID=1199 in 06 (I think)

  14. Hi Sophia: I don't only find Asian packaging to be very pretty, everything else from restaurants, clubs, hotels, resorts to shopping malls to be over the top..very extravaganza. So far the so called five star eateries I visited here in the US are nothing compare to those in Asia.

    I like Asian beauty products too. Thanks to the internet, you can get everything with just a click away no matter where the products originate.

  15. Dolly Wink!! Their liquid liner & lashes tempts me so much but I'll wait a bit before getting them because I actually stopped shopping online XD Those chips looks good tooooo!

  16. oh wow, you look absolutely gorgeous with those lashes! and yeah, the packaging is very cute indeed!

  17. Sophia- you eyelash goddess! You look amazing! Am I the only one that doesn't know how to put falsies on? LOL

  18. your blog is super cute! i love the little packaging and what i love more are fake eyelashes so thanks for those tips. i still have trouble sometimes.

    and the necklace you asked me about, i got it in korea at a street vendor! i love it. i always wear it when i go out!


  19. AHAHAH I'm the same way when I find a snack that I totally love! I end up stocking up and buying a BUNCH of them!! Lol

  20. btw yes you are right.. prisoners are kept in better conditions than some animals :(

  21. SNACKS! and those lashes look great! Thanks for the lash glue tips..I could never get it quite right..

  22. Thanks for the tips about applying lash glue! And gosh, I love Asian snacks... I think if they were readily available and cheap, I would have serious weight issues :P

  23. Hey gorgeous, you are SO RIGHT about the packaging on American vs Asian products....so blah-se in comparison. And I STILL haven't opened my Dolly Wink products. They are just to dang pretty. I'm a wimp. Lol. It's time to break out the scissors!

    I love those blue contacts on you - I know you like drastic colors and they really pop on you! I'm going to purchase my first pair of lenses soon (for my super blind eyes, thus they will be super expensive) but wish me luck! :D

  24. I cant agree with u more! the packaging between american and asian are way too much in differences.. The Japanese packaging is somehow uber cute! You look so pretty =)

  25. oh nice, I heard sooo much nice things about dolly wink! and those snacks look yum

  26. Thanks for the tips! The applicator of that lash glue is very smart. haha

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  27. hi! i love the color of your lip gloss (i think it's lip gloss?) in the pictures of this post! what is it? thanks!


  28. Hi M! It's Majolica Majorca gloss http://www.apopofkawaii.com/syohin/2/84.php
    not sure what shade.. I'll check tonight and let you know :)

  29. ooh so cute stuff! I love your blog and am following you now! xo

  30. yes! Dolly wink is uber addictive! Love them all

  31. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging! Glitters and all things shiny too!


    Come say Bonjour at:


  32. mmm yummy yummy snacks :)

    stop by sometime<3

  33. Haha...those are my mother-in-law's favorite Korean cracker!


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