Friday, October 8, 2010

weekend (nonwork!) clothes

Happy Friday!

Walked to H&M at lunch again today. Great excuse to leave the office and grab some sunshine. Also I wanted to get the sweater dress on pg 5 (link) that's only $10 today, but the H&M on Post St. didn't have it.

But, while I was there, I tried other things (all non work clothes yay!).


Looking at the size 2 on the hanger, I just knew it would fit!

Oops! Never mind. My boobies are too big for this dress and can't zip it up! If this came in emerald or aqua I would sooo buy it in the next size up as a fun party dress.. but the color is kinda blah with my skintone for $49.95.

Fun way to wear floral.
Their bangles come in sizes!

For shit and giggles~

I only purchased this leopard scarf. So cheap for $6.95! It's not my style to rock full on leopard clothing, but I like accessories with it. Would be cute peeking out from a jacket.

And this is a Forever21 sweater I tried on yesterday that I'd seen online:


  1. Love the flannel. Super appropriate as casual fall wear. That leopard scarf is a must!

  2. Oh man that H&M pleated dress is so pretty (J. Crew has a similar version but it's, as always, overpriced and will probably be too big for you)Agreed that the color is blah but I love pleats. :)

    I hate the H&M by my house...the selection sucks and there's never anything good. So jealous of you and Ping...these reviews are making me want to skip work early and go to the mall.

  3. I love the cardigan a lot sophia!!! its super unique and pretty. i'm gonna look for it next time i'm in forever.

  4. I love that scarf too!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. What boots are you wearing in the last picture?? So cute!

  6. Woohoo, you had quite the fashion show!
    Love the sweetheart neckline on that dress, and the flannel shirt looks COMFY!
    I lol'd at the big firry hat, your face just disapears in it! hehe.

  7. ^TGB~yea flannel is soo soft and comfy.. it's an added bonus that it's in style!

    Elle~I'm scared of J. Crew prices! I do love the detailing on the dress too.. why oh why is it only made in 1 color??

    Ping~ it's kinda FP-ish! I think you'd like it :)

    Ashley~I ♥ the scarf and see myself gettings lots of wear out of it :D

    Nicole~heh looking at it I rather like the sweater over plaid too! The plaid was also a F21 try on (not mine) hehe.

    Marie~thx you too!!

    Anon~the boots are from Charlotte Russe online, called "3 in 1 boots" :)

    Kimmy~I like sweetheart neckline too! Haha the hat made me laugh.. I can't imagine wearing it in public, but if I visited somewhere super cold I might wear it :p

  8. you know waht's funny.. is that i was at h&m on tuesday night and i picked up those floral bangles and tried them on. i was like "hm. this is really pretty. i wonder if sophia would like it.." but then i put it down because i rememebered you were going to the sale today! I'M READING YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ^Susy~OMG it's like when we were at San Jose mall and eyeing the EXACT same stuff, and then bought the EXACT SAME earrings!! Hahahahaha!!

  10. Great find with the leopard scarf! I just picked up a leopard cardi from H&M...gotta stop browsing there. You know it's weird how small they make the bust for some size 2's. The waist and hips fit great, but then the bust seems like it's for 26AAA girls.

  11. Sophia, I went to H&M today at lunch too :) I saw your dress on the rack but didn't try it on. I was purposely looking for the jacket that Jean reviewed. No luck! not a single one in store. Like you, I am not a big fan of leopard (I wouldn't mind the scarf or some small leopard prints).

  12. =O omg omg omg i want that scarf, i really, really want a leopard print scarf! only 7 bucks and it looks really good! the h&m in vancouver is so much more expensive!

  13. Ooh love that scarf!! I am in love with animal prints, in moderation of course :) very cute cardigan, reminds me of the ones I've been eye-ing from Express. okay and.. I giggled at that huge puffy hat thing :D

  14. I bought the grey sweater at Forever21. It's huge, but I love love love it a lot! Hehehe! :) I love that h&m scarf! :)

  15. heck yes for h&m sale! boo i wanted that sweater today too but i already went yesterday and got a bunch of stuff. i really love that dress on you! size 2 is perfect for me sometimes but then at other times size 4 won't even fit .. but most of the time either is all right xD i think you should go back and get that dress!

    i saw and loved the leopard scarf too

  16. Lol... I wish my boobies were too big for any dress haha, that's never a problem for me :P I agree with you that the scarf is a nice way to incorporate the animal print trend, especially for so cheap! Yet another item on my H&M shopping list :)

  17. wow all of them looks great on you!!!! great post!

  18. Lucky that you can shop at F21 and H&M! I sooo want to go shopping there!! (there isn't one in Australia)
    really love the bage dress but too bad it didn't fit... :(

  19. I'm guessing you are normally a size 2 at H&M? Sometimes I can't zip up the dress and at other times it fits like a glove. So strange! LOL to your furry hat ahahaahahah I laughed so hard! Nice scarf, I want to go buy it now. =0>

  20. Oh my, I LOVE that leopard is so adorable and I'm sure you could rock it!

    And as for the F21 sweater - SO adorable!!!!!! I need to check it out stat. Hope it's not sold out already in stores. :)

  21. Oooh i LOVE the leopard scarf! I am a firm believer that leopard is a classic so I wear it yearly. Very cute! Wish I had an H&M nearby!


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